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We pride ourselves in our diverse array of graphics. AllSports can adapt these designs with your logo and team or corporate colors. If you can't find what you're looking for in this section, we'll be glad to create a design to your exact specifications.
Check out what we are doing for some of our current clients. If we have posted a design for your company, you can find it in this section.
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Search our wide variety of apparel and ad specialty products. Any of these items can be customized with our award winning artwork.
Our fundraiser is different from others because it's customized to your organization. Learn more about this exciting program by visiting this section of our webpage.
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Increase attendance to your event with these fun ideas. View the many theme night graphics that we have created for professional teams in this section of our webpage.

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About Fundraisers

Fundraisers are one of the best ways to raise money for your organization. What makes the AllSports fundraiser unique is the highly customized package we offer to our clients. An AllSports fundraiser contains a diverse array of quality products that feature your organizations logo. Unlike pizza and candy, that gets consumed and forgotten, AllSports fundraising products will be used for years to come. Because they are all custom printed or embroidered with your logo, the products sold continue to promote your organization long after the fundraiser has ended.



The AllSports Marketing Fundraiser Package

We supply these four main aspects for a group's fundraiser.

1. Quality Products:
We specialize in high-end fashionable apparel and promotional products. There are thousands of items you can choose from offering unparalleled diversity for a fundraiser. To make your selection easier we have set up some main categories in our products section. Because the products are more valuable than candy or pizza, your profit margins are higher.

2. Graphic Design:
After you've chosen your products they get customized with your groups logo, or a design of your choosing. AllSports can create graphics especially for your organization, or you can choose from ones we have already created in our artwork section.

3. Custom Made Brochure:
Just like the products, your brochure is tailor made to suite your needs. We put a photograph of your choosing on the cover and fill the inside with all the product pricing and information. The back of the brochure has an easy to fill out order form helping you organize the sale.

3. Incentive Items:
The key to a successful fundraiser is creating excitement for your sellers and stressing that the effort will benefit the entire group. To help motivate your sellers we offer various rewards for those that sell the most. Like everything else in our package, these rewards are completely custom and picked by your group.


Cheer Excelence Fund Raiser

New Cheerleading Fundraiser

Click here to see the fundraiser we did for the Cheer excellence All-star Gems. This is an 8.5" x 11" brochure with a separate order form sheet.